Monthly Archives: March 2019

Episode 12: Almo Pro A/V Digital Signage and Content Services, a Discussion with Jim Nista

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Jim Nista – Senior Director of Content Creation Services at Almo Professional A/V

Corey and Jim discuss the following:

  • Almo Pro A/V acquisition of Insteo digital signage content and creative company, and what’s happened since
  • Digital signage services as products
  • Training end user clients – service for integrators
  • Work with BrightSign – hardware, content, training
  • Dealer training
  • The Almo Pro A/V E4 Experience in Chicago
  • Almo Content at the Digital Signage Expo
  • Opportunities for AV integrators in digital signage

Episode 11: NanoLumens Debuts Visualization as a Service (VAAS) Business Program, a Discussion with Joe’ Lloyd

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Joe’ Lloyd – Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development at NanoLumens

The story: A New as a Service Offering in the AV Industry – NanoLumens Debuts Visualization as a Service (VAAS) Business Program

Corey and Joe’ discuss the following:

  • How NanoLumens sees the VAAS program being accepted by AV integrators on a wide scale
  • Consumers (end users/buyers) being foreign to the complexity of these technologies
  • Is VAAS at all separate from the AVaaS discussion? How it translates for the end user
  • How does this really differ from a lease?
  • On being a manufacturer offering an as a Service program, differences
  • The buyer’s needs for large scale visualization solutions and advantages with NanoLumens VAAS program
  • Servicization – how does this apply to the NanoLumens VAAS program model
  • Ongoing reviews to discuss technology refresh and implementation plans

Episode 10: A Visit and Tour at Shure Headquarters

Join Corey Moss (on location at Shure headquarters) as he welcomes his guest:

Chris Lyons – Sr. Manager, Integrated Systems Marketing at Shure, Inc.

Corey took a Convergent AV Road Trip to Shure headquarters in Niles, IL on Monday March 11th, and was taken on a tour of the facility by Chris.

They discussed:

  • Some of Shure’s history, including discussion about founder Sidney N. Shure (there is a history exhibit there)
  • Shure’s most historic and famous microphone – the Unidyne
  • The well-known SM58, and significance concerning where headquarters is located
  • A visit inside Shure’s anechoic chamber for analysis and testing, used for testing microphones under development along with ongoing verification testing
  • Quality and assurance testing rooms – including microphone drop testing, testing for UV and electromagnetic exposure, temperatures, humidity and more
  • Wireless microphone and device testing for standards compliance and performance
  • Wireless microphone usage and demand
  • Axient Digital
  • The S.N. Shure Theater
  • The Performance Listening Center/Studio (where this podcast was recorded)
  • The people at Shure and their ongoing commitment to audio quality and excellence
  • The influence of the marketplace for ongoing development, quality testing and assurance