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Episode 25: A Discussion with Michael Nørregaard, CEO at Sonic Foundry

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Michael Nørregaard – CEO at Sonic Foundry Inc.

Michael discusses the following with Corey:

“The unified communications space is a multi-billion-dollar market and growing at an impressive rate. Companies and higher education institutions are missing an essential piece of the puzzle if they’re not jumping in head first to create the most accessible and useful video content possible for their students and employees – and Mediasite Join makes that possible.”

  • What’s ahead for the company in 2019
  • The Mediasite Experience Conference for Mediasite users

Episode 24: The AVIXA Women’s Council and Breakfast at InfoComm 2019

This episode is sponsored by TierPM

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Christy Ricketts – VP of Operations & Marketing at Contemporary Research

Alexis La Broi – Systems Consultant at Avitecture

In this post-InfoComm discussion, Christy and Alexis talk with Corey about:

  • Their own InfoComm 2019 overviews
  • The AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast
  • Christy and Alexis talk about their initial involvement with the 2019 Breakfast, along with the Council
  • Feedback from the 2018 event
  • Preparation for the 2019 event, goals and the desire for a keynote speaker
  • The pink sashes
  • Brandy Alvarado (Chairperson of the AVIXA Women’s Council) and her involvement with the Council and groups
  • Christy and Alexis’ involvement with their own groups
  • The keynote speaker at the Breakfast – Christine Schyvinck, CEO at Shure Incorporated
  • The Rose Shure story
  • Plans for next year?
  • Christy’s assessment of a turning point with this year’s Breakfast
  • Alexis’ closing statement, women & diversity

The AV Tech Trade Episode 23: InfoComm 2019 (Live) Discussion with Mary Stewart, Stewart Filmscreen

Join host Corey Moss and listen to a discussion with Mary Stewart, Owner of Stewart Filmscreen, at the end of Day Two at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, FL. Mary talks about the company and its history, their newly launched website, projection/screens and what integrators should know about working with the company.

This discussion was recorded on the same day as the AVIXA Women’s Breakfast, part of the theme here about women in the industry along with STEM.

There’s also a special conversation about Mary’s husband President and CEO Grant Stewart, well-known industry leader and innovator (who passed away in 2015) – and her becoming the owner of the company.

Episode 22: InfoComm 2019 Discussion with Jacob Marash, Stem Audio

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Jacob Marash – CEO and Founder at Stem Audio

In this pre-InfoComm discussion Jacob talks about:

  • Stem Audio – company beginnings, and ecosystem solution specifics
  • Creating a certain buzz in the industry
  • What people will see at the InfoComm booth
  • Walkthrough of the platform, products
  • Stations – discussion about room design, customization, management and more
  • Some socializing with ice cream (and fun)

Episode 21: InfoComm 2019 Discussion with Kim Coblentz at ATEN Technology

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Kim Coblentz – Midwest Pro A/V Field Engineer at ATEN Technology

In this pre-InfoComm discussion Kim talks about:

  • His background in Pro A/V integration
  • The company and its line of products
  • The company at InfoComm, the booth
  • Seminar and session: YT Liang – case study about sports bar video system networking, Kim – panel discussion “installers pain points in the AV world”
  • ATEN on social media

Episode 20: InfoComm 2019 Discussion with Bill Cherne, Sonic Foundry/Mediasite

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Bill Cherne – Director of Field Engineering at Sonic Foundry Inc.

In this pre-InfoComm discussion Bill talks about:

  • The company’s technology that you’ll see at the show
  • Mediasite Join Lounge at InfoComm
  • Demonstrations and promotion – including Apple Watch raffle
  • Some swag talk
  • The Unified Communications trend and Mediasite Join

Episode 19: InfoComm 2019 Discussion with Art Marshall, NEC Display Solutions

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Art Marshall – Senior Product Manager, Solutions at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

In this pre-InfoComm discussion Art talks about:

  • The company up-to-date, solutions
  • What attendees will see at the booth
  • ALP
  • Demos and presentations
  • Any special promotions?
  • The 5K run on Friday – NEC has the largest team signed up for it

Episode 18: InfoComm 2019 Discussion with Melody Craigmyle, Almo Corporation

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Melody Craigmyle – Vice President, Marketing & Communication at Almo Corporation

In this pre-InfoComm discussion Melody talks about:

  • The InfoComm Opening Reception on June 11th, Almo Pro A/V is the Exclusive Sponsor for B.B. King’s Blues Club ‘Bacon, Bourbon and Blues’ (from 7 to 9) – celebrating with Almo and network with industry professionals.
  • A birthday (10 years) celebration at the booth on Wednesday June 12th
  • What’s taking place at the booth over the three days
  • Sponsoring an InfoComm show floor tour (with Listen Technologies)
  • The growing Business Development Management team
  • Rob Ziv receiving AVIXA CTS Holder of the Year Award
  • What it will be like for the company seeing Rob receive the award at InfoComm
  • Takeaway for those who visit with Almo at the show

Episode 17: InfoComm 2019 Discussion with Martin Barbour, QSC

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Martin Barbour – Product Manager – Q-SYS Cloud Software at QSC

In this pre-InfoComm discussion Martin talks about:

  • QSC the company at present
  • What the company is bringing to InfoComm
  • the Q-SYS ecosystem
  • Enterprise Manager software suite
  • A first time product showing in North America
  • Use fewer hardware pieces to build certain scenarios
  • Conference room experience
  • Demo room – the latest QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers

Episode 16: InfoComm 2019 Discussion with Chris Merrick, Shure

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Chris Merrick – Global Marketing Director – Integrated Systems at Shure Incorporated

In this pre-InfoComm discussion Chris talks about:

  • What the company will be bringing to InfoComm
  • What will be taking place at the booth – a “new experience” concept
  • Certain new and already existing products and solutions
  • Shure Audio Institute
  • You’ll see more exciting new products
  • Any special promotions?
  • Presentations, training and education sessions
  • Sponsoring Center Stage sessions for AVIXA with their products/solutions
  • Shure’s CEO Christine Schyvinck being the keynote speaker at the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast